New Computer Accessories Change the Way We Work

Posted on February 16, 2012 at 12:04 pm by Amber Hemmer

While everyone is busy raving over the new laptops, tablets and cool smart phones, other advancements are made in computer systems that many people don’t seem to notice. Companies are constantly fighting with each other to be ahead of the game, releasing the best new device.

But with these new advancements, it is only logical that other computer accessories, such as the keyboard, receive upgrades too. Some devices have dropped the requirement of a keyboard altogether, simply incorporating the use of a touch-screen or voice activation system into their products.

This may work well for some game systems or small devices where a keyboard would simply be cumbersome, but for cool new computers and large devices, it seems sort of “uncool” to be caught with a large, old-fashioned keyboard. Fortunately, companies like Combimouse and ThinkGeek have been thinking outside of the box and developed fun new keyboards that are easy to use and look good with your new computer.

The Combimouse is actually a keyboard and mouse combination, but it is still divided into two pieces. The keyboard is split down the middle with mouse buttons installed at the bottom and curved into two unique shapes that make it eye-catching, yet user-friendly. This may be helpful for someone who types with their hands at an angle on the keyboard, like me. Being able to position the angles of each side of the keyboard would really help ease some of the strain and make it more comfortable to communicate.

ThinkGeek and developer Erik De Nijs have also dreamed up two very unique keyboard versions, both of which save of desk space. The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard, by ThinkGeek, is a small box that sits on your desktop. The box emits lasers to create a keyboard image directly on your desktop, which allows you to “type” right onto the surface.

Even more outrageous, Erik De Nijs created a pair of jeans with the keyboard built right in! The keys are attached to the legs, so when you sit down, they align to create the rows of a keyboard. You simply type right on your lap and the keyboard connects to your device via Bluetooth connection.

While some of these new keyboards may be a little crazier than what the average person is looking for, these advancements just go to show that the necessities aren’t being left behind in a world where everyone is fighting for the top. Some of these keyboard options may actually prove to be useful and fun!

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