Windows 7 Compatible Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle

Posted on June 27, 2010 at 10:21 pm by Donna Warren

Microsoft has introduced the Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 which is a wireless keyboard and mouse bundle guaranteed to work with Windows 7 … all the correct drivers come with the devices. Like most Microsoft products his new bundle has a little something for everybody, function keys for power users, programmable hot keys for the gamers and an ergonomic design to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

The keyboard has an elegant look and a slim design that new comers to the ergonomic designs won’t find too annoying. The rubberized wrist rest will keep your hands from sliding. There are five programmable hot keys. A nice feature is the ability to link your function keys to the taskbar in windows 7. Can they make it any more convenient? But I bet Microsoft won’t share that API with anyone else.

Appropriate software and drivers are provided and should be installed otherwise the keyboard and mouse will not sync correctly. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Having the correct drivers for any device is an absolute requirement unless you like working with things that are “buggy” at best.

I know some of you like the challenge of finding a work around but most of us just want the stuff to work right, first time, with no hassle.

The big surprise is the mouse. Unlike most of the Microsoft mice of late, this one is a very comfortable palm sized model that will be comfortable for most people’s hands especially those of us with fairly small hands. It uses the proprietary BlueTrack technology which allows the mouse to work on almost any surface except a mirror or glass. For mirrors or glass you will definitely need a mouse pad.


Microsoft hit a home run with this bundle. But it would be nice if they would share more of their APIs so other manufacturer’s can make truly compatible devices for windows 7.

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