Do You Backup Your Drivers?

Posted on May 19, 2010 at 2:34 pm by Donna Warren

Everybody knows that you should make regular backups of your computer data … or at least the data that you create. Nothing is worse than losing weeks or months of work. 

I have a question to ask. How many of you have ever actually backed up your device drivers?

Most people will have to answer, “No. It never occurred to me to back them up.”  

Why Do You Need to Back Up Your Device Drivers?


If you suffer a major crash like I did when lightning struck the electric transformer on the corner of my street. The electrical power surge fried my surge protector, power supply, my motherboard and all of my drives.  It turned my computer into a very expensive paperweight.  Since I had an older motherboard, power supply and a hard drive lying around, I replaced the fried parts and reinstalled the operating system. But I couldn’t find the driver disks that came with my DVD burner, printer, etc.

Fortunately Windows did have generic drivers for my network card so I was able to go online (in fact, I used this website), downloaded the driver scan program and was able to update my device drivers.



I was lucky because I did have internet access after my computer got fried. But why risk it? There are both free and commercial driver backup programs that you can use to backup your device drivers, just in case you need them. They work great in conjunction with our website because every time you update your drivers, you can back them up as well.

Better safe than sorry … that’s my motto.

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