Plug and Print HP LaserJets?

Posted on April 28, 2010 at 1:43 pm by Donna Warren

HP introduces the new plug and print LaserJet printers


Where are All the Windows 7 Printer Drivers?

Posted on April 27, 2010 at 10:08 pm by Donna Warren

Windows 7 printer drivers not available!


New Asus Keyboard Driver for Windows 7 Available

Posted on April 23, 2010 at 9:51 pm by Donna Warren

Keyboard drivers convert input from the keyboard hardware into electrical signals that alert the processor that there is data being input and that the keyboard events should be entered into the Graphics, Windowing, and Events Subsystem (GWES). The driver is also generates the proper Unicode characters from these keyboard events. It seems that many owners of the Eee have had a serious complaint about the Asus keyboard drivers. According to the posts I’ve read, most complain of a keyboard lag […]


GIGABYTE Announces the First Motherboard That Can Charge an iPad

Posted on April 22, 2010 at 10:28 pm by Donna Warren

Now you can charge you iPad with your PC


Mechdyne Announces Updates for Its Trackd® Software!

Posted on April 21, 2010 at 3:26 pm by Donna Warren

New drivers add more capabilities to trackd®


ASUS Rises to the Occasion with New Windows 7 Drivers!

Posted on April 15, 2010 at 7:41 pm by Donna Warren

Asus has provided windows 7 drivers for its most popular motherboards.


New FirePro drivers Boost Professional 3D Graphics Performance!

Posted on April 14, 2010 at 10:09 pm by Donna Warren

AMD has introduced it new ATI FirePro 3D graphics drivers and increased 3D graphic performance for professional graphics applications.


New Intel RAID SSD Driver Introduced!

Posted on April 13, 2010 at 6:27 pm by Donna Warren

While drivers have been available for the Solid State Drives (SSD) commonly used in laptops and notebooks, RAID drivers were not available preventing most larger business from taking advantage of the new SSD technology. One of the primary advantages of SSDs is that they are faster than a mechanical hard drive and they don’t need to be defragmented. SSD SATA drives can reach transfer speeds of up to 3.0 Gbps while supporting hot-plug with asynchronous signal recovery, software settings preservation, […]


DO NOT Install the latest Nvidia Drivers if You Use a Hack for Your ATI Card to Get Physx Capabilities!

Posted on April 10, 2010 at 10:16 pm by Donna Warren

In case you don’t already know, PhysX is a real time physics engine that can handle the complex physics interactions so common in modern games. Using this technology can make the games seem more life-like, resulting in a smoother gaming experience with several really cool  visual effects. PhysX support for ATI graphics was not available so gamers using ATI looked for a hack to let them use this technology.  It took a long time for the tinkers to get Physx […]


Google Has Gone 3D!

Posted on April 9, 2010 at 9:51 pm by Donna Warren

With the launch of its ANGLE graphics project, Google will provide enhanced 3D graphics without the need for users to download any additional drivers. ANGLE stands for Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine. Its goal is to provide a WebGL OpenGL ES 2.0 API (application Programming Interface) that works over the Microsoft DirectX9.0c API. ANGLE is available under the BSD license and will allow Chrome to run WebGL content on Windows computers without having to use OpenGL drivers. WebGL has no […]