How to Setup Wireless Printing

Posted on July 4, 2011 at 6:05 pm by Donna Warren

As mobile computing is becoming ubiquitous, printing hard copies has become more of a challenge. Unless you invest in one of those special, made for your laptop mini printers, you still usually have the problem of running cables to a printer.

There are three basic options for printing from your mobile devices: use an existing wired printer, use a Bluetooth connection or go completely wireless and use a wireless printer

Existing Printer

If you already have a wireless network connected to your wired network, the easiest and cheapest way to print wirelessly is to use your existing hardwired printer. The printer can either be attached to your network or attached to An individual PC.

All that will be required is to configure both your wireless device and the host computer and/or print server to share the printer so you can access it.

On the host computer or print server, go to the printer configuration manager, select the printer you want to use and share the printer. Windows, Mac and Linux can all share printers. Typically you need to access the printer’s properties to set up sharing. In Windows you just right click on the printer name and select sharing on the context menu that appears.

Next, go to your wireless device, connect to your wireless network and set up a network printer. Depending on your operating system, you may have to download drivers for the printer you want to use. In some operating system you will just download the necessary drivers the first time you connect to the printer. As long as the host computer and/or the print server are up and running, you can connect to the printer and print.

Wireless Printer

A wireless printer has a wireless network card built into the printer and software that automatically configures wireless devices to be able to communicate with them. You can usually find a decent wireless printer for under $100.

Next you need a wireless network such as a wireless router hooked up to you ISP. Since the documents have to be transmitted to the printer before they can print, you want to use the fastest wireless connection possible. At the moment that is the 802.11n standard.

You must locate the wireless printer near an electrical outlet and within range of your wireless access point (wireless router). Next you need to install the printer on your wireless device. I recommend that you download and install the latest printer drivers for you operating system to get the best performance possible.

Bluetooth Connection

If both the printer and your wireless device have Bluetooth capability and are within 90 feet of the printer, you can connect and print using the Bluetooth protocol. In fact Bluetooth is a nice way to eliminate wires in your home office.

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