HP Anticipates Different Types of Windows 8 Devices

Posted on February 27, 2012 at 10:17 am by Amber Hemmer

Many different areas involving computers, including hardware developers, software developers and computer manufacturers have suffered from the flooding in Thailand. When Western Digital’s building was filled with water, it shut down a large percentage of global hard disk production. So what do companies do to survive and overcome this kind of disaster?

Adaptation with the economy and technological trends force companies to reassess the way they build and sell products. As well as the decrease in hard disk production, the increase in popularity of mobile devices also plays a large role in company changes. So we may understand why companies need to change, but where do they go from here? How do they know which risks to take?

HP is reportedly working on new kinds of tablet computers that may be ahead of the game, compared to other competitors. First, the different devices are slated to include the new Windows 8 operating system, which hasn’t been released yet, but is highly anticipated. These new devices will be released somewhere around the holidays in 2012, which also works great for raising fourth quarter company profits.

But out of the three presented tablets, only two of them can be considered tablets. The other models is being called a hybrid – designed to be somewhere between a tablet and a laptop. With no definite specifications released, I’m really not sure what features it will present to link it to a laptop, but this is something that hasn’t really been seen yet.

Although Windows 8 is definitely a nice selling point, the internal hardware also has something to offer. HP has apparently partnered with Intel and Qualcomm to provide chips for the three devices. Intel will lend its Clover Trail Atom processor to one of the tablets and the hybrid device while the other tablet will presumably run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor.

So this is the leap that HP is taking. I’m sure there are other projects and software products in the works, but so far, these devices may be the most promising for the company. It isn’t necessarily far-fetched by any means, but it’s definitely interesting watching the steps that different companies take to save their revenue and profits.

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