Intel Chips Receive an Upgrade – Availability Unclear

Posted on February 29, 2012 at 1:54 pm by Amber Hemmer

Lately, Intel has been making several changes to their lines of processors. New ideas are being drawn up, designs created and a few different kinds of new processors should be available soon. The new Intel chips are gracing computers, servers, tablets and mobile phones – reaching a large customer base.

But it seems as though one of Intel’s products, the new Ivy Bridge processor, may not be released as soon as first thought. In September 2011, reports suggested that Intel planned to include the Ivy Bridge processor in some computers and servers in as early as March 2012. But soon after that announcement, another announcement was made holding off on the new processors until April.

The Ivy Bridge processor has many desirable features, including the ability for consumers to get better computer performance out of a chip that is the same size as its predecessors. The internal workings of the chip include smaller transistors, allowing more circuits to fit into the chip – increasing the power and performance, but with the same small size.

However, only the working power of the chip is increased, as the consumption power of the Ivy Bridge processor is decreased. Because of the integration of Intel’s new Tri-Gate transistors, the processor uses little power while the computer sits idle.

Although these features are definitely appealing, it seems as the most anticipated feature is the chip’s ability to handle graphics. With more speed than ever and a redesigned graphics display, the Ivy Bridge includes an L3 cache and can support some serious graphics.

Sounds good. So when can I get my hands on one of these? No one seems to be sure yet. Now that March and April are right around the corner, many people are questioning Intel’s production plans. An interview with an Intel executive stated that the chips will not be available in April – the date has been pushed back again into June.

After the interview, Intel made an announcement to give us a little more insight into their Ivy Bridge production plans. The chips are only being pushed back a few weeks. The production and sales are being staggered to help finish off the sales of old laptops containing the Sandy Bridge processor.

But have no fear — it is promised that once production and sales begin with the new Ivy Bridge chip, the production rate will dramatically increase.

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