Microsoft to the Rescue!

Posted on May 8, 2010 at 11:00 pm by Donna Warren

Microsoft has just introduced its brand new Fix It Center!

It is designed to fix the most common windows problems with just a few clicks of the mouse. Microsoft hopes to convince users to keep their software and driver packages up to date to prevent a lot of common problems. It is a one stop shop for getting all of the latest patches for Microsoft’s software.

Another feature of the Fix It Center is a new automated troubleshooting wizard that will guide the user through the process of maintaining their software and finding out what the problem is when something is not working properly.

The new software can scan the computer’s hardware and software and then compare it to what Microsoft already has listed in its database as known problems and uncover potential incompatibilities. This is designed to help those folks with very little technical knowledge more easily find out what is ailing their computer. The software can also keep track of any changes that are made so that the next time you have a problem the database will tell the software what new things have been done. All of this will make diagnosing the problem a lot easier.

The new software can be customized after installation can be automated to just wait until the next time you have a problem. The new software is available in Beta to the public for windows XP sp3, windows vista and windows 7.

Way to go Microsoft!

But we will still need the services of products like Easy Driver Pro to take care of all the other driver updates.

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