New Drivers For Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

Posted on April 7, 2011 at 7:59 pm by Donna Warren

DisplayLink version 5.6 drivers provide improved performance enhancements to the Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 thin client and zero client feature. This new version allows a 10-seat zero client install that can be used in schools and other places where giving each person their own PC isn’t practical. The new drivers allow one PC to connect with up to 10 monitors using a USB connection.

According to Dennis Crespo, executive vice president of marketing and business development at DisplayLink, “DisplayLink innovations consistently keep pace with the best consumer, education and business products from our partners. We’re committed to continuing to advance and improve DisplayLink’s software in line with our leadership in enabling zero-client solutions.”

This new technology is used to provide graphics connectivity over standard USB, wireless USB and Ethernet connections and is used in monitors, docking stations, display adapters, projectors as well as the zero client systems. The primary advantages of the technology are significant less energy resulting in lower costs that the more traditional methods currently in use.

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