Anticipation Increasing Over New Tablets

Posted on August 22, 2012 at 8:55 am by Amber Hemmer

Tablets have become extremely popular, offering several features of a laptop paired with the portability of a cell phone. Even though there are several widely popular and successful tablets already available, there is definitely room for expansion in this market – and everyone is watching.

Advanced features such as Apple’s new Retina Display are raising the bar for companies that want to stay ahead of the game with their tablets. The Retina Display offers an extremely clear and bright display on the iPad 3, making customers with previous versions of the iPads anxious to upgrade.

Amazon is another company that seems to be focusing on tablet displays. Among a few other upgrades, it’s been rumored for a while that Amazon will be releasing a new Kindle Fire tablet with bigger, clearer, brighter and faster screens. Some say that the screen will simply be a larger 8.9 inches versus the current 7-inch display while others claim that it will remain the same size but have a better resolution. Also, some models are thought to include a camera. Either way, nothing has been announced or set in stone yet.

But Barnes & Noble, whose Nook Tablet closely rivals the Kindle Fire, recently announced that they are dropping prices on the top two tablet devices. The screen size and specifications are pretty similar between the Nook and Kindle Fire, but with the reduced prices, the Nook Tablet and the Kindle Fire can now both be bought for about $200.

On top of all these changes, the Google Nexus 7 was just released and Windows is planning on releasing a new tablet in October. These two tablets have a lot to live up to, but all of the price changes and advancements each company has to offer certainly raises the anticipation level as to what is coming next.

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