New Gadgets Showcased for Upcoming Devices

Posted on August 27, 2012 at 9:03 am by Amber Hemmer

Nobody wants to buy a cool new computer or tablet and use their old mouse, keyboard or carrying case. Part of the fun of buying a new product is checking out all the cool new accessories and gadgets designed specifically for your device.

So with the anticipation of the Windows 8 operating system and new Windows tablets coming, it’s no surprise that Microsoft has also designed new gadgets to accompany those purchases. While tablets are gaining popularity over laptops, the biggest gripe people have is that the tablet takes away from the “old computer feel.”

Microsoft has obviously listened and kept customers in mind with designing the new Windows 8 touch features and Windows 8 tablets. They have recently introduced the Wedge Touch Mouse and Wedge Mobile Keyboard. These two gadgets pair nicely with Microsoft products, but have also been tested on several other name brand devices.

The Wedge Touch Mouse is wireless, small and triangular, unlike the normal oval-shaped mouse we are used to seeing. But the neat thing about this Wedge Touch Mouse is that you can use it in two ways – as a desktop mouse or a laptop touch-pad mouse! Put it in your palm and move it around on the desk to scroll and click or squeeze the sides together and use your index finger on the top touchpad. A very unique device indeed, but it seems a little expensive at around $70.

The Wedge Mobile Keyboard is also a very useful gadget, but comes with a higher price tag too. Starting out at about $80, this small keyboard looks large enough to accommodate both hands comfortably, but is still small enough to travel with easily. It connects wirelessly and comes with a rubber cover that doubles as a stand for your tablet. Most other mobile keyboards don’t have any sort of stand and seem rather large compared to the Wedge Mobile Keyboard.

It may be worth it to you to invest in one or both of these two gadgets when you get a new Windows tablet, but keep in mind that these also work with other brands!

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