Upgrading to Windows 8

Posted on September 9, 2012 at 2:04 am by Amber Hemmer

Windows 8 will soon be available for purchase or upgrade! But this much anticipated operating system also leaves some of us uneasy. What will happen to all of your settings, files and drivers? Microsoft has given us some valuable information about just how everything will go down.

After many reviews and anticipation in learning more about the new Windows 8 layout, it seems as though the release date is finally getting close! October 26th is the day people have been waiting for. But as cool as the new layout and features on Windows 8 seem to be, it has many of us wondering how exactly the upgrade process will work and what kind of problems could we expect?

Because this operating system is so different with the layout and the settings, Microsoft is releasing information to ease fears of the unknown. We all know that new technology – whether it is software or hardware – comes with its share of bugs and problems.

But to me, part of the fun of learning new technology and what it really can do is messing with the settings and apps by myself. What I’d be most worried about is the compatibility of drivers. Usually it wouldn’t be too big of a deal since most of Microsoft’s operating systems have been similar.

Fortunately, Microsoft has also set up a Compatibility Page to help people understand what will and won’t work should they decide to go ahead with the Windows 8 upgrade. There is also information on how to transfer your settings over from your previous operating system and bring all of your personal files with you! This is a rather convenient service, but the availability of being able to transfer different settings and files greatly depends on which operating system you are upgrading from. The older the operating system is, the less you can take with you!

Along with Windows Compatibility Page, there is also a Compatibility Center built into Windows 8 once you complete the installation. This will help you determine what needs updating. So with all of these helpful tools, guidance from Microsoft and the helpful Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, the upgrade process is actually expected to be pretty simple.

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